How To Get Ads On Your Website

This is the fast & easy way to start earning money from your website by selling advertising space.
We find advertisiers who want to show their ads on your website. You earn a commission everytime those ads are viewed.
No coding experience is needed, we take care of all the technical work so you can start earning straight away.

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How It Works

1.You Sign Up

Sign up by paying a one-off fee of $99. This covers the cost of installing the code to show ads on your website & setting up your account.

2.We Add Code To Your Website

We'll then add a small piece of code to your website that allows ads to be shown. The code automatically detects areas of the website where ads can be shown.

3.You Earn Everytime An Ad Is Viewed

Each time an ad is viewed, you earn money. The more views you get of your website, the more you earn. You can track your earnings in your account.

4.You Withdraw Earnings From Account

You'll receive your own account where you can withdraw accrued earnings from your ad views and see performance metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We place a small piece of code on your website that automatically finds areas & opportunities for ad placements.

When these ads are viewed, it is recorded in your account & you accrue earnings for each view.

You keep the full earnings from your website, there are no additional fees or commission to pay.

Your earnings will depend on:

  • How many website visitors you recieve
  • Advertiser demand
  • Quality of content
  • Number of ads on your website

There is no contract with us, we help you set up your account & ads for a one-off fee.

You will have full control of the type of ad that can appear on your website.
So, if there’s a certain category of industry you’d rather not appear on your website, you can quickly & simply exclude it.

Learn The Process

Due to the Corona-virus (covid 19) outbreak ads are taking longer to be reviewed by Google & may take 7 days or more.

Choose how much you'd like to pay.

Clicks cost $0.05

$10 = 200 clicks



Choose how much you'd like to pay.

Views cost $0.05 per 1,000

$10 = 20,000 views



Create Another Ad

Once payment has been received, you'll be redirected to a page where you can create your new ad.